In July of 1997, Stan put a Pastor on a ten city speaking tour with The Prophecy Club. This man had found 17 verses in the Bible saying that in the last days massive amounts of oil will be found in Israel.  This blew life into the man’s vision but in 2003 this man died and the vision fell on hard times.

On November 27th President Bush, Mahmoud Abbas, and Ehud Olmert signed an agreement to give the Palestinians a State in 2008, and Stan Johnson was asked to form a new oil company to continue the vision to find oil in Israel. He declined but promised to at least pray about it.  The prayer was designed to get him out of the offer, not to get him into it.  The prayer was, “Lord, You know I don’t have an extra $5,000 to give that attorney to start a new oil company, so if You want me to do this then send the money.”  The next day a lady called the office and said, “Two days ago God woke me in the night and told me to give Stan $30,000 to continue the vision to find oil in Israel!” January 1, 2008 PROPHETIC OIL INCORPORATED was formed.

Stan began to do a deep study about oil in the Bible and has now made three DVD’s on the topic and has found some very interesting scriptures in the Bible.  For example: When Moses was told that God was sending him into a land flowing with milk and honey no one asked what the milk and honey actually was. The interesting part is there are basically 5 colors of crude oil, black, tea-colored which is why they call it “Texas tea” because in a clear glass it looks like tea!; green, it looks pretty close to black but has a slight green tint to it, red like what was squirting in the gulf from the Deepwater Horizon for three months in 2010, and yellow.  When you put yellow crude oil in a clear glass and set it next to honey you cannot tell the difference!  We believe the promise of honey is speaking of yellow crude oil. The greatest financial promise given to Israel through Moses was that they will be blessed with oil!

The funny part is since 1953, there has been over 500 holes drilled looking for oil in Israel and less than ten producing oil.  Historically speaking looking for oil in Israel has been a dismal failure, but we believe it has been delayed because it was not God’s timing.  We believe the time is loosely associated with Israel giving the Palestinians a State which many believe is near.

Every oil company believes they will hit pay dirt or they would not drill for oil.  We cannot guarantee we will ever hit oil anywhere, but with the help of God, we believe we will be given the money to drill and that we will hit oil. Israel will use the oil to build its military and we will use our personal portion to take the name of Christ and the warning that we are in the last days around the world.  We believe oil finance Israel’s victory in WWIII, get back her land from the Euphrates to the Nile and cause millions of Christians and Jews to flee from the war torn nations to Israel!

Stan has found over 30 scriptures which not only say Israel will be given massive amounts of oil but will cause other nations to “fear and tremble” at the wealth given to Israel.  Stan has found one specific Bible verse that presents some very interesting possibilities. He has put his research into three DVD’s available by calling 785 266 1112.  (This number is only for ordering DVD’s they cannot discuss oil.)

If you would like a Private Placement Memorandum that outlines the PROPHETIC OIL, INC. offering and vision please call 877 645 -4772 (877- OIL ISRAEL) (Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST) (This number is only for PPM requests they can’t send you DVD’s.)